holding myself accountable

  • paper work
    paper work

    The clownary🤡

  • Lazy Lime:}
    Lazy Lime:}



    I Really, Really Miss James!😭

  • Tyler Branch
    Tyler Branch

    *not twerking*


    Gringos sois unos ofendidos 👽 Jamesss 💘

  • Ariana plays roblox
    Ariana plays roblox

    i miss u james already :(

  • Bruhism

    My friend group uses Your James Charles as an Insult, It's a very very bad insult, like our version of the N word, but we don't care about the N word cause James Charles is worst then being an N word.

  • Cameryn Ramsey
    Cameryn Ramsey

    Mans be lookin like a whole grinch with that haircut

  • JB Onceu
    JB Onceu

    As your fan I love you. But I am dissapointed. This actually breaks my heart😔

  • The Duo Gamers
    The Duo Gamers

    Tf is with the ratio of likes and dislikes huh-

  • The Duo Gamers
    The Duo Gamers

    Dang being a adult must be hard-

  • Majira Nixon
    Majira Nixon

    Hey James if you are seeing this I just wanna say I’m so sorry what has happened I hope you come back soon I should’ve seen this video came out sooner but I still enjoy your cocktail I know it was an accident but listen I care about you I’ll give you a like on this video because I love you

  • Carla Halidone
    Carla Halidone

    Naughty Naughty Bom Bom. Word's FROM-KSI

  • Nadia Xxxx
    Nadia Xxxx

    imagine how much money he makes off of these videos.

    • nina Mavroudis
      nina Mavroudis

      Yh but he doesnt get payed for making vids anymore because of what he did, that's probably why he hasn't posted in a while

  • Evelyn Breezeleaf
    Evelyn Breezeleaf

    Wow, those dislikes are fire Also, he's lost quite a few subs....

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza

    Girlll. This a fullblown example of what self-blaming is

  • Games with dano\ قيمز مع دنو
    Games with dano\ قيمز مع دنو

    oof not me just noticing that this video has 368k dislike and he only has 319k likes who r liking this?

  • Mahanoor Asif
    Mahanoor Asif

    Post some video sis😔❤. We are waiting to see ur smile again❤❤❣

  • karsyn hanan
    karsyn hanan

    Damn I loved you James...

  • ashley drag queen
    ashley drag queen

    Hey james Im waiting for the next video........❤️❤️❤️

  • Indie Jepson
    Indie Jepson

    You know it's serious when there's nothing in the description box

  • Muntaha

    Imagine that you are longevity and you wish you had a home and a family to be happy when what you wish to happen and seek to happen, people come and take your home that you built yourself and live in it and kill your family. How would you feel ??? This is what is happening in Palestine. Israel expels Palestinians from their homes and kills people unjustly. Where are human rights? Hope that will be published and thank you ❤❤❤🇵🇸

  • stefann🍒

    🙂{guys please stop twerking}🙂

    • rawr

      Ok *Twerking

  • Annalisa Jensen
    Annalisa Jensen

    i actually feel really bad for james right now

    • rawr

      Why His the predictor

  • Po

    Hey sister 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😠😠😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Sisha Sidorkina
    Sisha Sidorkina

    Jemes please come back

  • •ᎴIᎯᏁᎯ •
    •ᎴIᎯᏁᎯ •

    speak faster 💀

  • Evie Bowen
    Evie Bowen

    at first i thought it was a April fools joke then i clicked on the vid and i was like 0.0 oh😣

  • Samuel Bundy
    Samuel Bundy

    Not taking a bicycle seat's word as fact..

  • vortexxツ

    kinda sus ngl

  • Erique Parker
    Erique Parker

    Why does my cousin has a crush on James lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Lillianna Jimenez
    Lillianna Jimenez

    Oh it’s James even gonna post

    • nina Mavroudis
      nina Mavroudis

      James doesn't make money of of vids anymore cuz of what he did so idk if hes gonna post

  • itsmorganforya bakugo
    itsmorganforya bakugo

    2:46 sheesh finally u got to the point

  • G A B E
    G A B E

    could someone give me the summary of the video? thanks

  • Marcelle Weyers
    Marcelle Weyers

    When are you uploading your next video?

  • Nicole Hoyos
    Nicole Hoyos

    I really can’t believe my sisters still watch him

  • Mark Jayson
    Mark Jayson

    Not me going here after learning that they cut his scenes off in bella poarch’s mv

  • Cocopuppiez AJ
    Cocopuppiez AJ

    mondo owada lookin' ass

  • Eevee

    me explaining why i didn't go to school for 5 months

    • rawr


  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Me explaining why I can’t make it to work today:

  • Zuncork

    Should I like or dislike

  • egg4lifeYT

    I just turned on subtitles so I wouldn't have to turn my volume all the way so if any ads pop up I will still have the ability to hear lol

  • Edmond

    Omg yes I love the asmr james!!

  • sahitra b
    sahitra b

    the mere fact that this was posted on apr 1 goes to prove that it's a joke :)

  • Ella Soto
    Ella Soto

    why his hair look like a birds nest

  • ×No._.one×

    Sir WHY U WHISPER I CAN'T HEar YOU ( i didn't think this was a joke btw)

  • Stephanie Rodarte
    Stephanie Rodarte

    Shut up already

  • Helena Moran Armenta
    Helena Moran Armenta

    i love you

    • Anna Rose
      Anna Rose

      LOL , do you even know what he did?

    • ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ
      ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ

      Did you even one what he did?

  • Annie Vuong
    Annie Vuong

    quiet twerking

  • Joe Heller
    Joe Heller

    I believe James

    • ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ
      ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ

      He’s done this multiple times

  • fvnxchaii シ
    fvnxchaii シ


  • Adrian Parkinson
    Adrian Parkinson


  • •Geen Frog boii•
    •Geen Frog boii•

    Ok like half of y'all people in the comics ain't taking James Charles serious right now and all doing is twerking and it's annoying

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Bro where did the pizza comment go 💀

  • Kyro

    Each people have their own opinion and here’s mine. If those people don’t want to get those picture in the first place, why would they lie about their age? and why didn’t they just told James their real age or just block him. Some people really need that “clout” or just hates on James and want to ruin him.

    • ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ
      ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ

      They wanted to test James to see if he was trustworthy

  • Sukhman K Gill
    Sukhman K Gill

    I can’t even listen properly with head phones on

  • Leah Star
    Leah Star

    More dislikes then likes??? 😂

    • Jovani Mitchell
      Jovani Mitchell

      Run roh

  • Hi I'm Peyton!
    Hi I'm Peyton!

    Ok cool, who wanna go grab some food?

  • Leah Star
    Leah Star

    Girl speak up? 😂

  • BlueMidnight

    Upload plz

    • nina Mavroudis
      nina Mavroudis

      He isnt going to

  • Anna Trudeau
    Anna Trudeau

    Why is everyone twerking lmaooo

  • That One kid
    That One kid

    why does he jumped when he moves his hands

  • NEHA M B
    NEHA M B


  • come so far from princess park
    come so far from princess park


  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama


  • Angie Aba
    Angie Aba

    Wey yo no hablo Taka Taka

  • sistersoapia

    you’ve really done it this time james :(

  • lindsey claire
    lindsey claire

    why do u seem so happy tho? like ur smiling. also the amount of excuses is kinda loco

  • Inci Lena
    Inci Lena

    *wtf twerking*

  • Xander VanBecelaere
    Xander VanBecelaere

    Elvis ceiling fan teletubby golf ball hole

    • Xander VanBecelaere
      Xander VanBecelaere

      Shame on you for doing this. You should be in "gel" for ever.

  • WolfieDraws

    Bruh hes buying follows now😭🤚 i NEVER follow him and my brother too smh

  • Kaylen Greenwald
    Kaylen Greenwald


    • nina Mavroudis
      nina Mavroudis

      He doesn't make money of youtube anymore so that's why

  • Sierra Scheirer
    Sierra Scheirer

    James it’s been almost 2 months come back to us I miss you

    • Anna Rose
      Anna Rose

      No...he is not coming back

    • Hi I'm Peyton!
      Hi I'm Peyton!

      Why would you miss him?

    • ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ
      ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ

      Did your even know what he did?

    • #Itgirl needshelp
      #Itgirl needshelp

      No... we dont

    • ฯÄçåpêllá

      but what he did wasnt right

  • Arielle Mackenzie
    Arielle Mackenzie

    5:18 socks

    • Calm Yoongi
      Calm Yoongi

      Bruh- 🤣🤣☠️

  • PinkO

    damn you sound like me explaining why i got a f on my test and why is your hair loking like that?

  • Colossal

    bro why are y’all ok with this?

    • Calm Yoongi
      Calm Yoongi

      Cause most humans are fuced up.

  • Khalee Nanong
    Khalee Nanong

    your hair look like a plate

  • Sevval #
    Sevval #

    james so sus

  • Emma B.
    Emma B.

    Sad sister Sam Smith shaved his sweaty head

  • It is I Bling bling boi
    It is I Bling bling boi

    7 year old me explaining why I hit my brother:

  • Magic Fairy
    Magic Fairy

    Not a good time to post this on April fools-..

  • rhiannon

    Eh.... I honestly think you did nothing wrong. Good for you for this video

    • ฯÄçåpêllá

      bro wtf is wrong with u

    • ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ
      ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ

      Did you even know what he did

  • April White
    April White

    Me bold ass lying to my school about why I punched my goddamn bully square int eh face.

  • I’m a weirdo And you know it
    I’m a weirdo And you know it

    there are so many things wrong with this video but all I can think about is now there is no description, no intro and let’s be honest he didn’t have much of a thumbnail either and what happened to hi sisters. I’m ScaReD 👁👄👁

    • ฯÄçåpêllá

      he did sum nasty shit

  • A Breese
    A Breese

    Bro the like to dislike ratio XD

  • ethan sween
    ethan sween

    Broly like.................................................................. Arby's

  • Jay Blossom
    Jay Blossom

    Me explaining why my youtube channel getting less view 😭

  • sky

    James Dickinson? hm. 🎩 🤨

  • Gwen Modi
    Gwen Modi

    “JaMeS cHaRLeS iS sO uNpRoBLiMaTiC aNd In No ScAnDaLs” WELL NOT ANYMORE

  • Sophie

    this currently is my favourite video to watch in my homework breaks 💁🏼‍♀️ 🥰

  • M Hicks
    M Hicks

    Inexcusable, pe**philish vibes. 😒

  • Keslie

    Who misses the sister squad

    • fvnxchaii シ
      fvnxchaii シ

      @ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ me but that was when he was unproblematic

    • ฯÄçåpêllá

      @ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ fr

    • ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ
      ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙ

      Not us

  • Charles Douglass
    Charles Douglass


  • Emely Acuna
    Emely Acuna

    Sad twerking

  • shadow_legend_gaming

    And maybe you might do it again so I don't think people should TRUST YOU Dude.

  • Amitis.lv

    Hmmmm or is this a marketing trick to get a bigger following?

  • Gacha Movies
    Gacha Movies

    Why are people sadly twerking???

  • VIZE

    U issssss even more nasty

  • VIZE

    U iiiiiiisssssss nasty