Paparazzi Picks My Makeup!!
HI SISTERS! For the past few weeks, every time I've gone out in public, I brought makeup with me so I could ask Paparazzis to pick my makeup routine! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Julando Taylor
    Julando Taylor

    I love how he communicates with the paparazzi I see other celebrities rude to them

  • Ashna Rao
    Ashna Rao

    Love you James and I think your so talented way talented than me! But I think u should put eyeliner on. But then again you know best!

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser

    I love that hoodie! Where is it from?

  • Reborn doll nursery T
    Reborn doll nursery T


  • Nour AlAssil
    Nour AlAssil

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how James is literally the sweetest celebrity with the paparazzi, he treats them like friends

  • Sades

    love u!!

  • Shaydriana Braxton
    Shaydriana Braxton

    Nicholas go

  • donna ramirez
    donna ramirez

    fletchers and james friendship is everything

  • Annabel Benz
    Annabel Benz

    Love you James you are my liiifffeeee!!!!

  • Starr Lee
    Starr Lee

    I love to watch Hollywood fix

  • bxby Lizzie
    bxby Lizzie

    ik I'm late but he looks like the type of celebrite that you aren't scared of going up to cause he's so nice 🥺

  • Asia Pusceddu
    Asia Pusceddu

    But i love the way James is so nice to paps

  • Jana Abuelkhair
    Jana Abuelkhair

    when you finally know how fletcher looks like

  • Kelpy G
    Kelpy G

    A birkin whaaaaat?

  • Madelyn

    "Fletcher asks relatively appropriate questions and respects when someone doesn't want to talk about a certain thing" hmm ok..

  • TylerReigns

    The paparazzi should be wearing masks.

    • Lilly Mario
      Lilly Mario


  • Alana MacNeill
    Alana MacNeill

    I like the eyeshadow

  • lexi hart
    lexi hart

    the blue shadow really compliments ur eyes

  • Alec Minichini
    Alec Minichini

    James should do a video with fletcher

  • Swati Agrawal
    Swati Agrawal

    Namaste Sister❤ I love you and I am all the way from India and I am just in love with your creativity and your passion for makeup. But I wanted to tell you that your Christmas Special thumbnail has a spelling mistake in it. It is spelled "James Chares" instead "James Charles" so it is missing the "L". But no matter what you are my favorite influencer and my favorite makeup guru. Love you Sister❤ Byee👋🏻👋🏻

  • Seiichirou

    I respect James for using his papparazi well and getting ideas and money off them. Had i been in his shoes, i would've ignored them cuz theyre literally stalkers.

  • FuntimeAlex232

    I feel like I wish he'd not show us the finishing look on his thumbnail and maybe excite the viewers to watch further for the ending result to fully see the look, because if he puts it in his thumbnail-- its mostly ruining the curiosity of how its gonna look In the end result. Does anyone else agree or is it just me feeling this way?-

  • mdshamim344islam mstshamima345khatun
    mdshamim344islam mstshamima345khatun

    The squealing bathroom reassuringly fire because cd substantively reject astride a snobbish drawbridge. debonair, alive polish

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova

    I love you

  • Ronika Jabbari
    Ronika Jabbari

    Ok but HOW did James do bad on that makeup look-

  • R is for Remy
    R is for Remy

    Yay this video was on my b day

  • Cricket Gallery
    Cricket Gallery

    Hey James Charles I love your videos and I love my makeup but I am 12 years old so my family doesn’t allow me to do that much of makeup my b,day is on 21 feb and my name hamdah If u just shout out my name that would be great 💖 u james love 💖 from Pakistan

  • Jillian Nacario
    Jillian Nacario

    Kevin is like is this a second foundation or something 😂

  • Suneasha 21
    Suneasha 21

    Every time you speak about that bad time i can see the hurt in your eyes.Its heart wrenching to see what u have been through.

  • Aleks 1828
    Aleks 1828

    Patrick brow gel looks like the one of makeup revolution 😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mia diaryinparadise
    Mia diaryinparadise

    i’ve never seen fletcher and it feels so weird

  • rose strawberry
    rose strawberry

    lmaooooo ilysm

  • Ava Angilly
    Ava Angilly

    Loving the eyeshadow x


    Your so pretty

  • melanie martinez
    melanie martinez

    ok i love the tie dye look ummm

  • Beauty By Brodie
    Beauty By Brodie

    Only James Charles could do this, I only just about got enough response from my ig followers on my video 😂

  • Joy Oosten-Hocking
    Joy Oosten-Hocking

    Omg the paparazzi did so good

  • Coocalacka Mrmr
    Coocalacka Mrmr

    This is the same hoodie he wore on the using kids makeup video lol just noticed it and idk why im saying it but yeah

  • Mallorie F
    Mallorie F

    Can you do *REACT TO BEAUTY COUNTER* for a video. My step mother makes me use only there products and I want your opinion!

  • Eugenie bat
    Eugenie bat

    when it said photography, I thought it said p*rnography. And i was like 🤨😮😶

  • Kuot Odol
    Kuot Odol

    Patrick’s stars power is like amazing looking which when fletcher said it I was like HE HAS A POWDER, he’s infamous for his powder! And I think this would be perfect for darker tones. This kinda put me on

  • Eathan Haywood
    Eathan Haywood

    james is literally so nice to his pap i can’t 🥺🥺

  • MichaelChristian Duffy
    MichaelChristian Duffy

    Your make up is Beautiful ? How do you make your lips XP appear so full?

  • Isobel Row
    Isobel Row

    What lip stick do you use x

  • Analyah Reyes
    Analyah Reyes

    Lol it's like cotton candy eyes

  • Chlover

    Me: keeps my James pallette at my house. James: Brings his pallette around in his purse

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel

    James: *Sees paparazzi* Also James: Oooooh Video Idea!

  • pajama show
    pajama show

    that foundation matches james so perfectly period ❤️

  • Enna Abdula
    Enna Abdula

    You should trying on kids makeup you would SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

  • Monet Rodallegas
    Monet Rodallegas

    Which one do you guys like best Two faced born this way, fenty beauty, Dior air and why

  • Dania McBasilGopher
    Dania McBasilGopher

    Is there like ever a time James doesn’t use his own palette after it came out?

  • Fuzzy Pickle
    Fuzzy Pickle

    if i saw u in public id flip like ur vids are the BEST

  • Mad Doll
    Mad Doll

    I would hate the paparazzi like most people, like yes im famous but don't bother me while I'm just trying to be a normal human, but it is so nice of him to be as nice as he is, good impressions are important

  • The brothers
    The brothers

    Can we have a Tye dye SISTER APARAL ITEM PLEASEE

  • Destiny Meek
    Destiny Meek

    somene pls tell me where that hoodie is Fromm?!?!??!

    • -cowtail ଓ
      -cowtail ଓ

      i think he sell it in the shop

  • Cynthia Martinez
    Cynthia Martinez

    i love that he put a video of bryce hall as the scandalls part

  • Deirdre Doherty Reddington
    Deirdre Doherty Reddington


  • Sghki Rtikk
    Sghki Rtikk

    He is so creative

  • David Dominguez
    David Dominguez


  • Monica De Jesus
    Monica De Jesus

    What lip liner is he using

  • Gabriel P9177
    Gabriel P9177

    I LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE YOUR makeup”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angi Sapiens
    Angi Sapiens

    James, can you do a video on eyeliners that are more interesting, please? I really want to wear crazy eyeliner but it always looks weird for some reason. Thank you!

  • Taylor Grace
    Taylor Grace

    where is his hoodie from i NEED IT

  • Mikalee Knez
    Mikalee Knez

    I am getting Harley Quinn vibes

  • Anial Guj
    Anial Guj

    Okay now real question is here. Who's that guy in balenciaga t-shirt on 8:23?

  • anime sanchez
    anime sanchez

    @jamescharlies hagan uno de harley quinn xfis

  • Krissy Rose
    Krissy Rose

    love, love, love, the loook

  • David spata
    David spata

    should I make a collage on how many times James said use code James for 10% off??

  • Isabella Cook
    Isabella Cook

    Is it just me or that foundation matches his skin perfectly!?

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    15:18 hello fellow cosplayers, if you cosplay from danganronpa specifically Ibuki, like myself, then damn is this the video for us🤭

  • Jillian Grace
    Jillian Grace

    11:44 “sTiCk ToO!”

  • Kiara Welch
    Kiara Welch


  • Flavinta Novri
    Flavinta Novri

    Omg you are so humble james. Love youuuuu ♡♡♡♡~~

  • LazyGamer

    Harley quinn vibes

  • abbs

    james should do a makeup challenge using only five below or dollar tree makeup

  • B Fed
    B Fed

    You should do an anime styled Make up look I don’t know if you watch anime or anything James but it be really cool to see

  • Kalifornia Kaylee
    Kalifornia Kaylee

    Don’t lie James......everyone know that your favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-A😂

  • Julie C
    Julie C

    Honestly it looks good ur so modest

  • Karldine Rowe
    Karldine Rowe

    My Friend is Ariana Grande

    • Karldine Rowe
      Karldine Rowe

      And I ask

  • Megan Samples
    Megan Samples

    I love all the time and thought out into these videos ❤️

  • Hanadi Saleh
    Hanadi Saleh

    James slayed this look along with every other challenge! ❤️❤️💗

  • Fran Bower
    Fran Bower

    When he said “Instead I would Flip The Script On Them”I could just not think UNO REVERSE CARD

  • Poptart Cat23
    Poptart Cat23

    James Charles or should I say marshmallow I know you're marshmallow cuz you are the you made a IRbin channel about marshmallow and I know it James Charles Dickinson or should I say marshmallow I seen on somebody's videos that you're marshmallow you should start being marshmallow more often right now the system instant James Charles Dickinson I'm not trying to be rude though I'm not trying to

  • Poptart Cat23
    Poptart Cat23

    I know your last name is James Charles I know your last name James Charles Dickinson and I am mad at you for being marshmallow and you're not telling us that I am super mad at you right now this instant instant Sia Maddie James Charles okay I say marshmallow

  • Poptart Cat23
    Poptart Cat23

    James Charles I am I know that you are marshmallow and I do not like it now you better tell us about that

  • Emo Bananoo-rat
    Emo Bananoo-rat

    The eyelashes make the eyeshadow way better!🐻☁️🌈

  • Elaina Hardink
    Elaina Hardink

    No hate but actually finally a foundation that sorta matches

  • Emy Gaming
    Emy Gaming

    What scandel uwu

  • Kethylin De Santana França
    Kethylin De Santana França


  • Tuba Alajlan
    Tuba Alajlan

    It is so pretty

  • Lotta Armatys
    Lotta Armatys

    James is literally the nicest person ever!! Most of the celebrities show paparazzi the middle finger but James is just like 😘❤️💕🧚🏼‍♀️🦋🌸🌹

    • Harshit

      imagine number outting cameras in your friends everytime you come out in public

  • varda prasad
    varda prasad

    Makeup challenge: Let Finn choose your makeup!

  • Blade X
    Blade X

    Why did god make this guy a male

  • Joe

    1v1 me MW2 rust Quickscopes only no barrett .50 cal

  • ɪsʟᴀ ᴛʜᴏᴍᴀs
    ɪsʟᴀ ᴛʜᴏᴍᴀs

    Day one of re watching ALL of james videos 07/01/2021

  • bb jenna
    bb jenna


  • Finley Dopson
    Finley Dopson

    😲😲😲IT LOOKS SO GOODDDDDDD𓆉𓆉𓆉𓆉𓆉𓆉𓆉𓆉𓆉♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎☽☽☽☽㋛㋛㋛㋛㋛☻︎☻︎☻︎☻︎☻︎☻︎☻︎

  • Dino Gaming
    Dino Gaming


  • Kerizma Brandon
    Kerizma Brandon


    • Kerizma Brandon
      Kerizma Brandon


  • Kerizma Brandon
    Kerizma Brandon